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deutsch shraeng plays 21 september 2017 at Beethovenfest
Post-Tower Lounge Bonn - Eggert, Stockhausen, Pauss.....................

18 march 2017 shraeng plays Eggert und Stockhausen,Offenburg

24 march 2017 shraeng plays Eggert und Stockhausen
Frankfurter Künstlerclub

shraeng is an electric guitar duo, which plays works by 20th and 21st century composers.

Frank Wingold and Ralph Beerkircher are familiar with classical guitar repertoire and technique. They are also at home with free improvisation and have been active in the area of jazz and pop styles for many years. (F.W.: Underkarl, Agog, Leisure Minx etc. / R.B.: Novotnik 44, Ralph Beerkircher Quartett etc.)

Performing 20th century compositions, shraeng use both classical playing techniques as well as special electronic effects (distortion, WahWah, tremolo, modulations) as they are known from pop and rock music. While these effects are commonly used on the instrument of the 20th century, the electric guitar, they have been rarely used by contemporary composers and performers.

Using these effects, shraeng create unusual interpretations, a free and unorthodox approach to composed music, rich orchestral sounds and a wide dynamic range. Nevertheless, both musicians are committed to performances, which keep close to the original composition and which pay due respect to the composer’s intentions.

Nevertheless, this leaves scope for improvisation and variations, not only against the background of freely improvised music, but also in the tradition of variation and cadenzas, i.e. unaccompanied exhibition passages in the style of improvisation inserted by the soloist, which have been assigned by composers..

In 2002 the duo did the first performance of two works which were composed for shraeng : `Riff´ by Moritz Eggert and `Cupido´ by Theodor Pauss.
In Summer 2004 two new compositions written for shrang by Sandeep Bhagwati and Karola Obermüller had their premieres.

Further the duo performs works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Stefan Wolpe, Michael Fiday and others.

Ralph Beerkircher
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